Resources, Products & Services

Below are some recommended resources, products and services:

  • Fulltime Families - This is a web site full of resources for families that are fulltiming in an RV.
  • TechNomads - Learn all you need to know to be fully connected to the Internet while on the road.
  • - A cornucopia of fulltime RVers blogs and web sites.
  • VoIP - The VoIP service recommended by the VAR. A good substitute until HughesNet VoIP is available.


Fulltime Families (FtF)

Fulltime Families Logo

Fulltime Families membership is only $45 a year and it gives you some amazing benefits including:

  • A calendar of events that take place across the country
  • Exclusive discounts with premier providers including Passport America, Workamper, Thousand Trails,, Flying J / Pilot Travel Centers, Escapees, Woodalls, and many more
  • The FtF Explorers Program, a scouting program for FtF kids from 5 to 16
  • Access to the FtF Family Friendly Campground Directory, where FtF Members don't pay kid taxes

Click the logo above to learn more about this great organzation for families living "on the road"!


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TechNomads Mobile Internet Resource Guide MIA

RV Mobile Internet Resource Center

This site offers unbiased information about what really works for keeping connected while being mobile. Whether it is cellular, Wi-Fi, or satellite, they research the options, share personal and professional experience, and analyze industry news, to provide the best information about staying connected.

The Mobile Internet Handbook

This book is a comprehensive guide to mobile internet options for US-based RVers by Chris Dunphy & Cherie Ve Ard, who are the full-time RVing technomads of

Mobile Internet Aficionado(MIA) - Premium Membership Group

This group is designed for those who depend on mobile Internet. It includes the following:

  • The Mobile Internet Handbook
  • Private Q&A Forum
  • Exclusive in-depth content
  • A newsletter with breaking industry news
  • Access to private advising sessions

Click any of the graphics above to learn more about it!

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Your Travel Blog could be listed here!
You can submit your travel blog or web site to the web editor at Hitchitch and add to the fun.

All web sites and blogs go through a process to determine if the web editor believes their readers will want to revisit your site to see your current adventures.

Or, just click the logo above to go visit some great travel sites. There is even a link to pick a random site for you to check out, if you can't decide where to start!

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VoIP Service

VoIP service

A Good VoIP Service!
I have been told that HughesNet will offer their VoIP service through the VAR/Mobile channel within the next few months. But, if you can't wait for that, this service comes highly recommended by the Value-added Reseller (VAR) with whom we work.

And, for those who want to test it out first, I might be able to arrange a test, in which a customer using the service with their Gen 5 system calls you. That way, you would experience the uplink coming from the other end, which is the side of the call that typically has problems.

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