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Going Mobile – What is Needed

Click the icons below to learn about the different components that make up the HughesNet mobile satellite Internet system provided by

HughesNet Mobile System - Basic Setup

Additional Accessories & Tools

Mobile Internet Satellite offers a complete line of mobile satellite accessories. Our setup reflects more than 15 years of experience, with mobile satellite Internet systems.

Shown in the Basic Setup is the featured mount for mobile satellite Internet setups, the tripod. A good-quality tripod is by far the most portable, flexible, lightweight and stowable of the mounting options. Additionally, it does not have to be permanently fixed to a surface like the trimast. Nor do you need to carry cinder blocks for ballast, as for the non-pen. For the tripod, you can use a 6-gallon water jug. It is lightweight for travel when empty and provides just over 50 lb of ballast when full.

See Additional Accessories & Tools for other mount options.

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