Mobile Internet Satellite Shopping List

Most of these items are needed for mobile satellite Internet. However, if you already have some of these items that are suitable, you do not need to buy them again. Please check with us to help you determine if your existing equipment will work.

Please go to What Do you Need? to learn about the items and how they are used. And, just click on the little blue magnifying glass next to any item, to see a photo and more details about the item.

Once you have selected the items you want, just click Review Shopping List button, double-check your list and enter your contact information. You will then be contacted via email to get other needed information, such as shipping address.

You are under no obligation to purchase anything at this time.

Mobile Internet Satellite Services

Our new customer service package is typically all you need, since it gets you online for your first few setups. Email support and short phone calls are always free!

    MIS Support Services
 MIS service package for new residential customers

 MIS service package for new VAR/Mobile customers

    MIS support incident for residential customers (90 minutes)

    MIS telephone support for residential customers (1 year)


Satellite Systems & Service Plans

HughesNet Jupiter satellite system - This is an essential piece of your complete mobile satellite Internet setup. The cost includes all of the HughesNet satellite components: The HT2000W modem includes a built-in wireless router. The antenna and a 1-watt radio are also included. You will need to select the type of system you want: Residential or VAR/Mobile.

For Residential service, it also includes what Hughes calls a "standard" installation. It does not include training or documentation for bi-annual relocation. There are frequently Hughes discounts available for Residential equipment and services.

For VAR/Mobile, it only includes the system. You will need to select either the fiberglass or the pressed steel antenna. The .98 m fiberglass antenna is not always available and is now a special-order item. You will have the option to have it shipped directly to you from the Houston area and you will assemble the mount and add knobs per a video and our setup guide. Or, it can be shipped here to be assembled and then we will ship it out when everything else ships. This can incur additional shipping charges, but will avoid the need to assemble. Please see the "Blue Hourglass" details below photos and more information. 

HughesNet satellite service - You will also need to select the Residential or VAR/Mobile service you want. To do that, you will need to decide how much Anytime and Bonus data you want each month. For VAR/Mobile service plans, the Bonus data is also called Business data.

All services provide a maximum of 25 Mbps down and 3 Mbps up! If you use up all of your data for the month, you will be slowed, but still able to use your system as usual. Or, you can purchase tokens for additional data. Tokens are available in different data quantities, for $3.00 per GB.

VAR/Mobile prices and rates are subject to change. There are larger plans available. Just ask for details if you are interested.

Please select a system and a matching service plan!

    HughesNet Satellite Systems
 HughesNet Jupiter residential system: .90 m antenna, radio, & HT2000W modem

 HughesNet Jupiter VAR/Mobile system: .98 m fiberglass antenna, radio, & HT2000W modem

 HughesNet Jupiter VAR/Mobile system: .90 m pressed steel antenna, radio, & HT2000W modem

    HughesNet Jupiter VAR/Mobile .98 m fiberglass antenna - Dish is 26 lb and 3' 3" in diameter

    HughesNet Jupiter VAR/Mobile .90 m pressed steel antenna - Dish is 20 lb and 3' 1" in diameter

    HughesNet Gen 5 Services-Residential
 The 10 GB Plan: 10 GB Anytime/50 GB 2 am-8 am

    The 20 GB Plan: 20 GB Anytime/50 GB 2 am-8 am

    The 30 GB Plan: 30 GB Anytime/50 GB 2 am-8 am

    The 50 GB Plan: 50 GB Anytime/50 GB 2 am-8 am

    HughesNet Gen 5 Services-VAR/Mobile
    The Business Internet Mobile 2: 2 GB Anytime - This is a backup/continuity plan.

    The Business Internet Mobile 10: 10 GB Anytime - This is a backup/continuity plan.

 The Business Internet Mobile 35: 10 GB Anytime/25 GB 8 am-6 pm

    The Business Internet Mobile 50: 25 GB Anytime/25 GB 8 am-6 pm

    The Business Internet Mobile 75: 50 GB Anytime/25 GB 8 am-6 pm

    The Business Internet Mobile 100: 75 GB Anytime/25 GB 8 am-6 pm

    The Business Internet Mobile 150: 100 GB Anytime/50 GB 8 am-6 pm

    The Business Internet Mobile 200: 150 GB Anytime/50 GB 8 am-6 pm


Satellite Antenna Mounts

The tripod setup is the most common mount, but dishes can also be mounted on a pole, roof or wall. Call us if you would like help deciding which is best for you. 

A good-quality tripod is by far the most portable, flexible, lightweight and stowable of the mounting options. Additionally, it does not have to be permanently fixed to a surface like the trimast. Nor do you need to carry cinder blocks for ballast, as for the non-pen. For the tripod, you can use a 6-gallon water jug. It is lightweight for travel when empty and provides just over 50 lb of ballast when full.

If you order the tripod, be sure to select the hardware set without the Stanley Keeper, since one is included and will be pre-installed in the tripod. All of the tripod setup items, except the tripod stabilizer and the bag, are needed for a tripod mount.

    Antenna Mounts - Tripod Setup Items
 Fiberglass composite dual-clamp tripod by Seco, with Stanley Keeper

 Fiberglass composite dual-clamp tripod by SitePro, with Stanley Keeper

 MIS Tripod offset adapter

 MIS Hardware set (WITHOUT Stanley Keeper)

 MIS Hardware set (WITH Stanley Keeper)

 Ballast strap

 Foldable Tripod Stabilizer Floor Guide - Enhanced stability on hard surfaces.

 Heavy-Duty Tripod Bag with reinforced bottom

    Antenna Mounts - Tripod Alternatives
 Trimast roof-wall mount (WITH system purchase)

 Trimast roof-wall mount

 Non-penetrating roof mount (WITH system purchase)

 Non-penetrating roof mount



You will need an outside single coaxial cable, to go from the dish to the modem or coax connector box. To use the satellite meter, you will also need a pigtail cable, to provide a connection point for the meter. If you plan to install a coax connector box on the exterior, you will need a short inside cable, to go from the back of the connector box to the modem.

This category also includes connectors and cable tools for making your own cables or just putting new connectors on your existing cables. There is also a short flat cable for those temporary setups that go through a door or window.

    Coaxial Cables
 Outside cable (up to 130'), $2.50 charge for ea. additional 2 connectors, barrel included

    Inside cable (up to 15')

    Pigtail cable connects to radio and provides connection point for meter

    Single exterior coax connector box

    Cable Tools, Connectors, & Specialty Cables
 Deluxe linear compression tool

    Coaxial cable stripper

    Compression and stripper tool kit - Save $10!

    Compression coax connectors w/O-ring

    Booted barrel connectors - Weather protection!

    Flat window cable - A temporary solution for getting the cables inside.


Setup & Alignment Items

You will need a torpedo level, a sighting compass, and signal strength meter to help you align the antenna. While you can use your smartphone or tablet to monitor signal strength, visibility outside can make this difficult. Additionally, the DAPT2 meter emits an audible tone when you find the satellite.

Knobs and a one-page setup "cheat sheet" can both make setups easier. You may already have some or all of the tools recommended for setting up.

    Antenna Alignment Items
 DAPT2 satellite meter - Makes alignment simpler!

 Lensatic liquid-filled sighting compass

 Sighting compass & angle finder - Finds the "hole in the trees"!

 Short Torpedo level (6")

    Setup Tools & Other Items
 Jupiter system knob set - .74 m antenna

    Jupiter system knob set - .90 m antenna

 Jupiter system knob set - .98 m antenna

 Laminated setup card cheat sheet (DAPT2 meter for Jupiter)

    Socket Extension, 3/8" x 3" - Needed if you use fine azimuth adjustment knob.

    1/2" Socket, 3/8" Drive, 12 Pt - Needed if you use fine azimuth adjustment knob.

    Hand Ratchet, 3/8" Drive - Needed if you use fine azimuth adjustment knob.

    Ratcheting Combo Wrench, 1/2", 12 Pt

    Ratcheting Combo Wrench, 7/16", 12 Pt - .98 m antenna only

    T-handle Hex Driver, 3mm, 5-1/2" - You need this to change the polarity!

    Screwdriver, Phillips #2

 Leatherette bag for Tools

 All 6 setup tools for .74 m antenna, with leatherette bag - Special $12.00 savings! 

    All 6 setup tools for .90 m antenna, with leatherette bag - Special $12.00 savings!

 All 7 setup tools for .98 m antenna, with leatherette bag - Special $12.00 savings!