VAR/Mobile System Confirmed Mobile & More

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VAR/Mobile System Confirmed Mobile & More

Post#1 » Fri May 12, 2017 10:25 am

Ta Dumm!!!!!

As of yesterday, we have confirmation that VAR/Mobile systems are indeed Mobile Out of the Box!
We commissioned two systems in Tucson and shipped one to Minnesota and the other one to near Lake Powell.
Both systems went online yesterday, with no need to call the NOC to "mobilize" or any extra steps during commissioning!

Hurray!!!! Mobile Gen 5 Satellite Internet is a Reality!!!

There is some delay in getting systems, but that is starting to improve. Current delivery after order for the first order will be one day less than a month tomorrow, when the last of the dishes are scheduled to be delivered.

Order number 2 will be 10 days from order to delivery. I'm guessing that 8 to 10 days will be typical going forward.

While it is possible to get faster deliver, it carries a huge penalty in terms of shipping costs, so please understand that in order to keep costs down to the current level, you need to plan ahead if you will be ordering Gen 5 equipment and mobile services.

Now, here are some other bits of information ...

.98 m vs .74 m Antennas
The .98 meter antenna is still the only allowable one to use for VAR/Mobile accounts. The VAR we work with is still trying to get approval for the .74 m antenna, but I'm not holding my breath on that change ... but it would be nice to have the option!

A big advantage of the bigger antenna (3' 3" in diameter), in addition to the much stronger signal, is that it is made of fiberglass. Fiberglass dishes have long been the best choice for mobile use!

The NightShift product and service for NetFlix is no longer available. Current customers will continue to receive the service, but no new customers will be accepted by the company that offered it.

Tripod Stabilizer Frame for Setting up on Cement

The tripod stabilizer base was tested with the bigger dish and the setup is quite stable and secure. The whole key is to lower the tripod almost all the way down, thereby creating an equilateral triangle, with leg length less than or equal to distance between feet tips. We plan to include a sheet of paper with some guidelines in the box, with the stabilizer base.

Forums and Blogs and Chats, Oh My!
I wanted to remind everyone that the forums are alive and well, but not getting much activity. so, please sign up and if you have any questions, suggestions, etc that you think will be of interest to others, please post it. I'm trying to remember to check daily to see if I need to approve any new posts and fully activate the membership. I always moderate the first post, to make sure it's legit ... unfortunately, the spammers out there are more active that legitimate members.

I have started my blog again and have so far only made one real entry ... I am reposting some earlier blogs that describe the history of tripod satellite Internet. Things have been so busy trying to get everything going lately, I haven't had time for more, but I will!

And, we've added the chat capability to our web site, so if you have questions when you are on our site, you can hopefully get them answered promptly. I have to get into the habit of setting my status active in the morning and unavailable at night AND to check my phone for texts telling me someone entered the chat room ... but I'm working on establishing the right habits to make it work. ;-)

OK, That's all for now! :-)
Take care,
Barb Nolley
HughesNet mobile dealer and installer

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