About Us

The Company

Mobile Internet Satellite provides mobile satellite Internet and networking solutions and services for the RV, home, and small business. Our services include satellite Internet training, sales and support, network setup and troubleshooting, custom web site development and hosting, and general PC support.

Mobile Internet Satellite is operated by BJ Consulting, Inc. BJ Consulting is an Arizona S-Corporation formed in California in May 1993 by its President, Barbara J. Nolley, and Chief Financial Officer, Joseph E. Laube. It became an Arizona corporation in June 2010.

Barb's Background

Barb brings over 35 years of experience in telecommunications, networking, and computing. With a strong technical background and experience in a wide variety of hardware and operating systems, Barb meets the demands of today's technologies. During her career, Barb has been involved with technology in a variety of roles including course development, technical training, technical support, technical writing/editing, software quality assurance, and project leadership. Barb has been involved with mobile satellite Internet services since January 2002.

Joe's Background

Joe has a background in corporate operations and handles all financial and operational duties for BJ Consulting. In order to provide a greater range of services and better integrate with the goals and objectives of Mobile Internet Satellite, Joe has spent the past 10 years perfecting his skills in Web Design, Web Graphics, and Electronic Imagery. Like Barb, Joe started installing and supporting mobile satellite Internet systems in 2002.

Other Info

We have over 21 years of RV experience and almost 14 years of experience with mobile satellite Internet. We acquired our first mobile satellite system in January 2002 and started selling and supporting mobile satellite Internet in December 2003.