Gen 5 equipment and services are available now!

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Gen 5 equipment and services are available now!

Post#1 » Sun Mar 19, 2017 6:01 pm

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Here are the details about the purchase or upgrade options.

Residential Account – 3 moves a year maximum
If you move no more than 3 times a year and do not need the mobility option enabled, you can order Gen 5 equipment and services whenever you are ready. Installation will be scheduled between now and the first week in April, depending on your installation location in the roll-out schedule.

Here are the current offers, which will be in effect until the end of June:
    • New & Out-of-Term Customers: New customers and existing customers who have already fulfilled their 24-month commitment will receive BOTH:
      o The Next Plan Up Offer
      o The $100 instant discount on Purchased Equipment
    • In-Term Customers: Existing customers who are still under their 24-month commitment will receive EITHER:
      o The Next Plan Up Offer - OR –
      o The $100 instant discount on Purchased Equipment
Here are some things to be aware of:
    • IMPORTANT! If you currently have a mobile account and want to keep it that way, do NOT upgrade to Gen 5! You can continue with your current service for now. Contact us with any questions.
    • Current Spaceway customers should contact their dealer for upgrading. A new system will need to be purchased.
    • Current Jupiter customers must must call the Hughes Customer Care line at 1-866-347-3292. If you upgrade now, you will need to buy a new system and Hughes will send an installer out to repoint the dish. If you wait until the “in-place” upgrade is available, no new equipment and no repoint will be required!
Here are the Gen 5 Residential/Consumer Service Plans, shown with the “next plan up” offer:
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Mobile Account – Move at will without calling anyone
Hughes has changed the rules from the mobile trial. You must have a Business Internet account on a Business Internet system, which includes a .98 m dish. The .98 m dish is about 4 foot across instead of 3 foot, but it provides a much stronger signal, making you virtually immune to rain fade. It will also allow you to extend the coverage further north into Canada and south into Mexico.

We have a .98 dish on order and will begin testing with our tripod and possibly a non-pen as soon as we can get the equipment, which is currently not available. The fully mobile option should be available sometime in April.

In order to get full mobility with the Gen 5 services, you will need to do the following:
    • Purchase a Business Internet System – The likely cost of the system will be $675, but this has not been finalized.
    • Agree to a 2-year contract
    • No-contract option – If it is offered, the no-contract option will include an activation fee of at least $400 and possibly higher monthly rates. This has not yet been determined.
    • Business Internet has a suspension charge, when the account is inactive. The amount of this charge is not yet determined, but is expected to be between $15 and $20 per month. Suspension can be up to 5 months in a year.
    • Tokens will be available for purchase, if you deplete your monthly plan data.
    • Service plans will be the regular Business Internet plans, but they will include what I call a mobile surcharge.
    • Try to complete your current contract so you can cancel without penalty.
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Note: There are plans available with even more data. Just inquire for details about these plans.

Details are subject to change, as they have not yet been finalized.
Take care,
Barb Nolley
HughesNet mobile dealer and installer

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