Latest Info About Jupiter 2 and Gen 5 Services

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Latest Info About Jupiter 2 and Gen 5 Services

Post#1 » Thu Feb 23, 2017 5:43 pm

Finally, details on how existing customers can move to Gen 5 services, as well as the introductory promotions for the new Gen 5 services are available!

A Couple of Other Things
But, before I get to that, let me first mention a couple of things:

Click either the basic setup or the additional items icon and then “mouseover” any item to learn what it is and how it is used.

We hope this will make it easy for you to determine exactly what you need for your mobile satellite Internet setup. You can link to the Equipment and Services page, if you want to see the price of any item.

Gen 5 Service Plans
Here again are the upcoming Gen 5 service plans:
    • The 10 GB Plan - $49.99/mo
    • The 20 GB Plan - $69.99/mo
    • The 30 GB Plan - $99.99/mo
    • The 50 GB Plan - $129.99/mo

All plans provide 25 Mbps down and 3 Mbps up and include the Bonus Zone (2 am to 8 am), which gives you another 50 GB of data each month! When you are streaming video, the speed is automatically controlled to DVD quality, so you can watch more video.
There is no data cap. However, service will be slower, but useable, if you use up your monthly service plan data. And, Data Tokens are available, if you use up your service plan data and don’t want to be slowed.

New Customers and Existing Customers (Out of Contract)
New customers or existing customers who have completed the 2-year contract get a $100 instant savings on the equipment plus the option to go up to the next higher plan for the monthly rate of the selected plan, for one year. You can call and cancel the higher plan before the year is up and continue paying the lower cost or you can keep the higher plan and start paying the higher amount after the year is up. Spaceway customers must upgrade to the new equipment, to get Gen 5 services. The Jupiter 2 system costs only $50 more than the Spaceway and Jupiter 1 systems and it includes a built-in Wi-Fi router. So, that is essentially no price increase for the new equipment.

Existing Customers (Still In-contract)
If customers still in-contract want a quicker upgrade to Jupiter 2 equipment, they can choose either the “next plan up” promotion or the $100 instant discount on the equipment. Spaceway customers must upgrade to the new equipment, to get Gen 5 services.

Existing Customers (Jupiter 1)
Some really good news is that exising Jupiter 1 equipment can receive a firmware upgrade to be able to support Gen 5 services! This means existing Jupiter customers can move to the Gen 5 services without needing to purchase new hardware. Complete details of this “in place” upgrade weren’t revealed yet. And, the downside is that this won’t be available right away. The capacity on Jupiter 1/Echostar XVII won’t support it until enough users move to Jupiter 2. But, this will represent a “no new investment” option to get the new high-speed Gen 5 services! There will, however, be a new or restarted 2-year contract.

The Rollout Schedule
Gen 5 services will be rolled out in 4 phases, starting on March 16 and resulting in coast-to-coast coverage by the first week of April. Only Gen 4 services can be activate through March 15.

And there will be some Alaska coverage.
Take care,
Barb Nolley
HughesNet mobile dealer and installer

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