Painting the Dish

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Painting the Dish

Post#1 » Tue Nov 22, 2016 4:22 pm

What is recommended to paint my dish? - Originally posted 22 Nov 2005 09:35 am and still relevant!

Al asked:
Ray, or anyone who has successfully painted their dish: When you say 'NON-REFLECTIVE PAINT", do you mean a flat paint, or is gloss or semi-gloss enamel an option? Both my dishes are in need of refurbishing. Is just the paint job your recommendation?

Glenn replied:
You have two limitations on paint:
- Do not use a metal bearing paint that will block signal.

- Do not use a light reflecting paint that will reflect (and focus) light (and thus heat) onto the feed horn.

More about Painting and Lighting Dishes - Orignally posted 25 Dec 2007 03:50 pm
Don asked:
Can a person paint the face of the dish with latex paint and not harm the signal?

Glenn Simpson replied:
Folks near Yuma are getting their data dishes painted in Algodones with scenery using the cheap Krylon and similar paints. Doesn't seem to hurt. Costs about $40 and looks pretty sporty.

At one installer school I asked your specific question and was told it was OK as long as you didn't use a "Metal bearing paint". Interesting given that the Raven dish is a metal dish.

My expectation is that an irregular surface of metal bearing paint might not focus the signal as well but I could be looking for split ends on frog hair there.

There can be an issue if you use highly reflective paint and reflect sunlight onto the LNB face.

Dean added:
Some of my neighbors that painted there dishes found they forgot to bring the bolts with them.... They now have a nice picture with 4 large flat top Gray Bolts showing.

Also, You need to clean the dish well with paint prep or paint thinner. Otherwise the nice picture will flake off in a year.

Then, there's lighting the dish and here are G'Jim's comments on that:
Howdy Darlin's and Gents,

Wanting to make the tripod/dish visible at night, so as to help prevent folks from driving/walking into it, I added some lights.

At first, I tried some of those solar lights at the base of each leg. But, they just don't stay on very long.

I found a set of 70 bulbs, at BigLots, sold as a 'Umbrella Lighting Kit' ($9.00). It consists of 8 short strings of lights connected to a central hub.

I put the hub around the eye-bolt, strung the lights down the tripod legs and up the feed-horn, secured them with 'twist-ems'. Put the lights on the same timer that controls my awning lights.

In that last photo, the lights on the MotorHome aren't really turned on; that's just the reflection of the camera flash.
Take care,
Barb Nolley
HughesNet mobile dealer and installer

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